My Child Likes Me… Right?


Do you ever wonder what your kids think about you?

Like, how they truly feel about you?

Yeah, sure… they’re your kids and all that.

But it doesn’t mean they have to like you.




They better like you!

Shoot, you better be the best thing since freshly baked fudge brownies sitting atop a goo of cold vanilla ice cream!

After all, your entire life is dedicated to making sure your kids are raised to become better than just decent human beings… right?


But what if they don’t like you?

What if they fear you?

What if they can’t be themselves around you?

What if they can’t open up to you?

And worse… what if you’re too busy with your day-to-day to even realize it?

That’s an ugly road to travel, with tons of regret in the end, so steer clear of it.


Parents, be there for your children.

Talk to them.  Ask them how their day went.

Show interest in what they like.  Yes, even if it means buckling down and learning Fortnite.  It’s not entirely painful… I promise.

Get into THEIR world.

And most importantly… just be present.  (Ahem.  Put that phone down!)


Your little yous are growing up fast, and they’re deciding now how they feel about you.

And I don’t know about you, but I want my son to know that he can come to me anytime and know that the conversation road is wide open and welcomed, always.

Give it a try.

You might just find that they’ve been dying to talk to you right back.



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