Follow the Yellow Brick Road

IMG_2245 (002)Do you ever find yourself off course at times?  Distracted?  Not focused?  Just… lost?  Taking a step to your left, when you should’ve taken ten steps to your right?

If you’re anything like me (human, that is, unless you’re one of those half human, half bot thingies, then it’s questionable) you can easily feel like this from time to time.

With all the chaos in the world… the right choices, the wrong ones, the things we should be doing, the things we shouldn’t be doing, everything we should know, everything we shouldn’t know, opening the right doors, closing the wrong ones, deciding between a venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free syrup, double shot, light ice, extra whip (Phew! Try saying that five times!) OR… just a latte, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted, and lose sight of what really matters.

My son drew this map for me several months ago, and it grabbed my heart and shook my soul!  I hung it in my closet to catch a glimpse of it every day.  It’s a constant reminder that I can’t lose my way in this life.

Of course, he could’ve drawn it with the intention of me suddenly developing short-term amnesia on my way home from work one day.  Being lost out in this big wide world, never making it home to plug in the secret password in his xbox live account… Nah!  That’s not it!

He needed me to know that regardless of the day-to-day madness that we’re constantly challenged with, it’s easy to lose yourself.  And while it’s natural to get lost, it is not okay to sink and get forever stuck there.

So, when you’re lost in fear, in pain, in stress, in doubt, in sadness, in gloom… know that you’re never alone, and that you can always find your way back to yourself… to your family… to what really matters… with love and faith.

If this little boy can see it, we all can.

Follow the yellow brick road, and stay on track my friends!

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