I’ll Take a Bullet for You.

LOVEThat’s a bold statement, isn’t it?

A statement that’s rarely said to others.

And if it is said, it’s unquestionably, genuine.

Last night, my seven-year old combed back his hair after his shower, while staring back at his reflection in the mirror, and said to me, “Mommy, I’ll jump in front of a bullet for you,” in a calm, yet, proud tone.

As if he were thirty years old, in a protective stance, ready to fight off all the wicked in the world.  For me.

I was speechless.

I asked what he said, even though I heard it perfectly the first time.  He repeated, still calm as ever.  Again, looking proudly back at his reflection in the mirror, slowly slicking back the hairs on his head.

I didn’t know what to say.

What do you say?  Thank you?  No.  That’s not enough.

Thank yous are for when someone holds a door open for you, or when someone tells you your shoes are too cool for school.

But not this.  This is different.  This is bold.  This is selfless.  This is unconditional… love without conditions.

A love that children naturally have for their parents.  That my son has for me.

I walked over to him and kissed him on his forehead.  I told him that I loved him more than all the water in the sea.  A smile took over his entire little face.  He nodded at his reflection in the mirror, as if in complete satisfaction, and walked off.

That’s all he wanted.  For me to show my love in return.

No matter how busy our days are, or how stressful and chaotic our lives are… moms… dads… love them back.  Show it often.  Express it often.  And tell them often.  Their little hearts are yearning for that love they need from you.  And it’s overflowing of all the love they’re wanting to give you in return.

Love big, or go home!

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