Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day isn’t just a day.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s a gift every mother was given before she even knew she would be one.

It’s a way of thinking.  A way of living.  To all of those exhausted mothers out there (yes, I am one of them), this is for you.  Even when there are times (and there are many!) when we’re dangling by a thread, when we don’t feel we have the energy nor strength to push forth, our little one comes around the corner, reaches their little arms around our waist, squeezes as hard as they can, and tells us, “Mommy, I love you .”

And not just because they’re trying to sweet talk their way to your heart to buy them the newest Pokemon card set (because you know that can be ridiculously hypnotic), or because they want you to accompany them to their room because they’re scared of the dark (still!), or because they spilled their juice on the carpet yet again (even though you’ve told them a million times juice belongs in the kitchen), but… just because.

Just. Because.

Those are the moments that make motherhood absolutely beautiful.  It confirms our place in this great big world, and furthermore, in our children”s lives.  It’s a reminder that when we think we’re not doing the best we possibly can, that our children love us just as we are.  And they always will.

So moms, I congratulate you on doing an extraordinary job!  No one ever said motherhood would be easy.  We weren’t given an instructional book with a pat on the back and a good luck.  No.  This is fully DIY!

So, embrace it.  All of it.  And enjoy every second of it!


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